News Sharing Project

The Capacity Building and News Sharing Project began in October 2020, and has been developing since that time.

There are two parts to the Project.

1.    A Regional Reporter team

We have been training and mentoring Reporters working in a number of First Nations media organisations. 

The training over the past year was intensive, with three face-to-face sessions in Cairns, Alice Springs and Broome, and a number of online courses provided by Google News Lab, Goolarri Media and AFTRS.

We intend to maintain a team of about 15 Regional Reporters, and train them in all aspects of multi-media news production - text, video and audio. 

The expectation is that they contribute at least one story every week. They are supported and mentored by David Liddle, the FNMA Regional Editorial Coordinator.

2.    A platform to distribute the news

We have licensed a platform to distribute the news we produce to selected First Nations media organisations. 

This platform allows Reporters to upload their stories to a central Hub at the FMNA headquarters in Alice Springs. The news content is edited and then distributed to media organisations that are linked to the distribution platform.

David Liddle, the Regional Editorial Coordinator, manages this daily news distribution.