First Nations Media Job Opportunities

inDigiMOB Project Officer - Flexible Location

inDigiMOB is looking for two employees (identified positions - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander - one male, one female) to help with an online safety project for the next 18 months.

The candidates will need to have a basic understanding of online safety issues and the steps to take to avoid viruses and scams. They will also need to have experience running small workshops or training sessions and be familiar with video conferencing tools such as Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc. The ability to travel to regional/remote communities for a week at a time is also necessary (however this will only be required once every 2 or 3 months).

Location is flexible but SA, WA or Darwin applicants preferred. Hours are also flexible - 3 days a week up to full-time. 

Applications can be sent to [email protected] and close Fri 22 Oct.
For more information please contact Ben at [email protected] or on 0448 721 635



These are all of the roles we have available currently, but if you're an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person and you're interested in working with us in any capacity, get in touch so we can let you know when positions are available.

Send your resume and an expression of interest to Jenni Nixon: [email protected] or give her a call on 08 8952 6465 for a chat about your skills and ambitions.