Archiving Project

A strategy for culturally important First Nations media collections

With sector organisations holding archives of culturally rich and historically valuable media content in analogue formats, FNMA has developed a National Archiving Strategy for archiving of community-managed collections; and seeking funding partners for this important national work.

Key outputs of the project are:

  1. Development of a First Nations Cultural Collections Archiving Strategy.
  2. Development of standards for digitisation formats and metadata.
  3. Promotion of principles of cultural management and operation of remote archives
  4. Development of baseline data (quantitative and qualitative) of remote archives as at 2014 and identify archives at risk of damage or loss or closure
  5. Lobbying for funding of archives, including strategic funding for archives at risk.
  6. Implementation of training programs where funding is available.
  7. Development of resources (available on a case by case basis where organisations gain funding for Archiving development). 
  8. Facilitation and support for relationship development and partnerships development between the remote archive sector and major Indigenous collecting agencies and researchers
  9. Promotion and celebration of the significance of remote archives
  10. Development of a First Nations archive 'manifesto' with regard to cultural rights, governance, protocols, principles and practices