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Our Media Matters

"Indigenous Broadcasting Services provide much more than radio – they are community assets that contribute to strengthening culture, community development and the local economy.” - Social Ventures Australia, 2017.

There are roughly 60 First Nations media organisations operating in over 235 communities across Australia, producing media content in more than 25 languages.

Our media is our voice. It empowers. It keeps culture strong through the generations, reports on news and current affairs from a First Nations perspective, connects our communities and preserves our languages. Our media is creative and entertaining. At the same time, our media educates and builds bridges with the wider community. Our media provides meaningful jobs to around 500 people across Australia and is a training ground for communication skills development for thousands who have come through media and either stayed, or moved to other careers.

Our media is much more than radio. Our sector produces television, print and online content that reaches nearly 50% of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia each week. Our media is a vehicle for social outcomes, cultural maintenance and identity. Our media matters.

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