2013 Awards


Major Festival Awards

The Preston Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement was awarded to Annette Victor of the PAKAM network. Annette has been a regular radio broadcaster for many years on the PAKAM radio network from Beagle Bay and Ardyaloon, as well as a video producer and an active Board member with PAKAM, IRCA and ICTV.

The Mr McKenzie Award for Outstanding Contribution to Remote Indigenous Television was sponsored by ICTV and was awarded to Noeli Roberts of NG Media for his contribution over thirty years to the production of video content in the Ngaanyatjarra lands of Western Australia.

The new NITV Spirit Award presented by Tanya Denning (Channel Manager, NITV), went to PAW Media’s for ‘First Contact’ a short animated oral history film by Maxwell Tasman, Shane White and Jason Woods.

The John Macumba Indigenous Community Media Operator of the Year Award (presented by CAAMA) went to Noel HeenanPAW Media & Communications.

The Steve McGregor Award for Best Emerging Talent (presented by TEABBA) went to Louisa AnsonErub Arts, Torres Strait Islands.

The Mr Garawirrtja Memorial Award for Contribution to Media, Entertainment and the Arts was awarded to Warren H Williams, acclaimed musician and one of the first BRACS broadcasters with the CAAMA network.

Radio Broadcasting Awards

MCs John Lockyer (IRCA Board), Francis Kelly (ICTV Board), and Gerry Lyons (CAAMA) presented the following Radio Awards:

Best Emerging Radio Talent CAAMA: Gary Mumu
Best RIBS Operator CAAMA: Jonathon Doolan

Best Emerging Radio Talent PAKAM: Rowan Albert
Best RIBS Operator Award: Henry Augustine

Best Emerging Radio Talent TSIMA: Anthony Geagea
Best RIBS Operator Award: Walter Lui

Best Emerging Radio Talent TEABBA: Joel Mamarika
Best RIBS Operator Award TEABBA: Gilbert Walkuli

Best Emerging Radio Talent PAW Media: Adam Gallagher
Best RIBS Operator Award PAW Media: Noel Heenan

Best Emerging Radio Talent NG Media: Cynthia Burke
Best RIBS Operator Award NG Media: Brian Gordon

Best Emerging Radio Talent QRAM: Jacinta Karyluka
Best RIBS Operator Award QRAM: John ‘Stix’ Hotroyd

Video and Content Awards (facilitated by ICTV)

The following list details the winners of the awards that ICTV facilitated as part of the 15th National Remote Indigenous Media Festival. The awards were presented by ICTV Board Member Francis Kelly and Programming Coordinator Joel Ken.

Genre Awards

ICTV Award for Best Culture Video: Kurrarlkatjanu, PAKAM

Best Community Video: The Old Fellas, Renee Wilson / Mornington Island Wellbeing Centre

Best Music Video (sponsored by Griffith University): Wanna BBarkly Arts

Best Hunting, Cooking and Bush Foods Video: Fishing at IrrpmengkereCentral Land Council

Best Youth Video: Kalkarindji Emu Dreaming, Sharing Stories / Kalkarindji Community

Best Oral History Video: Meet Jakamarra, PAW Media & Communications

Best Art Worker Video: Mangkaja Arts 21st Anniversary with George Brooking & Terry Murray, PAKAM

Best Caring for Country Video: Dangers of Burning Country Wrong Way, CLC / Tri-State Waru Committee

Best Collaborative Video: Living on Country, NG Media

Craft Awards

The Craft Awards are for Remote Indigenous individuals to be judged based on their excellence in the relevant media production skill(s). Both video and radio entries may be nominated for relevant craft categories.

Award for Best Visual Recording (sponsored by Pro AV Solutions): Shane White - The Hunter's Story, WYDAC (NT)

Award for Best Editing (Sponsored by Adobe Systems Australia): Edgar Richardson & Purina Sagigi - Sky High, Batchelor Institute - Indigenous Media Unit (NT)

Award for Best Dramatic Performance: B2M - Strong Choices, Skinnyfish Music (NT)

Award for Best Animation and Visual Effects: Docker River Animation Team - Dangers of Burning Country Wrong Way, CLC / Tri-State Waru Committee (NT)

Award for Best Director or Producer: Micah Bartlett - Sickly Sweet, PAW Media & Communications (NT)

Award for Best Presenter/Journalist: Noel Heenan - GMAAAC: Our Projects, Our Way, PAW Media & Communications (NT)

Award for Best Sound Recording or Editing: Sharing Stories / Amanbidji School - Ngungurrugurru, Sharing Stories / Amanbidji School (NT)

Other Content Awards

Best Song - People's Choice: Sky High, Batchelor Institute - Indigenous Media Unit (NT)

Best Station ID or Community Service Announcement Award: Binge Thinking, Not Drinking Campaign, Barkly Shire / CAYLUS / Desert Pea (NT)

Best ICTV Station ID Award: Jimmy Thaiday, Erub Arts (Darnley Island, QLD)

Most Popular IndigiTUBE Video Award: Kalumburu Weekends - Ian Waina Fishing Day, Ian Waina from PAKAM (WA)

People’s Choice Award - Video: Rockhole, Wurli-Wurlijang Health Service (NT)

Best Innovation in Online Presence: Gumala Radio Website - Radio StreamGumula Radio (WA)

Special Award: Ntaria School Videos, Ntaria School / ABC Open (NT)


Congratulations to all the winners!