2015 ICTV Video Awards

Celebrating the Outstanding Talent of Indigenous Media Makers

ICTV-awards-2015.jpgThe Annual ICTV Video Awards were held this year in Lajamanu community in the Northern Territory. The awards are a source of pride for ICTV, its contributor group and the entire remote Indigenous community that it services. The awards celebrate the immense talent and the work of Indigenous media makers from remote regions around Australia.

The Annual ICTV Awards were a key element in the 17th National Remote Indigenous Media Festival which was hosted by IRCA and PAW Media. The Awards which were held in Lajamanu community on October 1st, 2015 were presented by ICTV directors: Annette Victor and Francis Jupurrurla Kelly; and Lajamanu community members: Geoffrey Barnes, Robert George and Peter Jigili.

ICTV received 156 entries from 45 producers and contributors. This is by far the largest number of entries ICTV has ever received and reflects the increasing interest and skill base of Indigenous video-makers in remote communities.

With judges drawn from the festival delegates, their choices were based upon the community and cultural values of the ICTV audience.

Highlights included collaborative project 'Yiriman Trip 2014' (CLC and David Slowo) which documented a visit by the Yirrman project senior women to Mutitjulu (NT) to share culture and language. (Winner of Best Collaborative Video).

Best Cultural Video was awarded to Ngaanyatjarra Media for 'Kapi Ungkupayi', a story about five senior women from Irrunytju and Papulankutja who went out bush looking for punu (wood for carving) and ran out of petrol. They had no water or food and weren’t found for five days. They survived on five perentie (goanna) and water, which they dug for along a dry riverbed. Sonja Gibson (Batchelor judge) said 'this was such a difficult decision to choose as the talent in this category was overwhelming.' ICTV received more culture entries than ever before.

Francis Jupurrurla Kelly and Neil Turner, previous winners of the prestigious Mr McKenzie Award, presented this years’ award to Annette Victor from One Arm Point for her long-term commitment and contribution to the remote Indigenous community television sector. Annette has been on the ICTV board since the inaugural AGM held in Balgo in October 2006, and has consistently produced content for ICTV.

Other winners of the ICTV video awards included:

Best Our Music Video
We are one by The Barkly Boys (Barkly Regional Arts)

Best Our Way Video
Jane & Tom’s Story by Tropic Productions

Best Young Way Video
This is Our Country by Laynhapuy Homelands

Best Our Tucker Video
Pulija (Hill Kangaroo) by Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa

Best Our Sports Video
Yuendumu Sports Weekend 2015 by PAW Media

Best Spiritual Way Video
Pain O Pain by Kankawa Nagarra (Desert Feet Tour)

Most popular IndigiTUBE video
You Understand Don’t you? By the Aboriginal Interpreter Service.

Peoples Choice Award
Road Safety by Heath Baxter Productions

Contributor of the Year

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