Standards and resources


A range of standards were developed as part of the National First Nations Media Archiving Plan. The standards are aimed at providing First Nations media organisations with the frameworks for:

  • Metadata
  • Digital formats


The overall goal of the standards recommendations is to support:

  • Long term usability of digital formats
  • Sharing of data sets


The standards are available on the FNMA Archiving Resources page


Archiving Resources

FNMA continues to add to a comprehensive set of Archiving resources. The resources are designed to enable First Nations community media archives work within through a "development workflow" approach. Archives may start with planning basics, or dip into development sections relevant to their Archive's specific stage of development. The resources are available on the FNMA Archiving Resources page


For further information contact the FNMA Manager. Email [email protected], or phone 08 8952 6465.