Calls for Action

Our Media Matters: the 2018 calls for action by government

  • Introducing the 2018 Calls for Action. Dot West, IRCA Chairperson. Download. 
  • 2018 Calls for Action Overview and Background. Download
  • 2018 Calls for Action 
  1. Broadcasting Act Reform for First Nations Broadcasting. Download
  2. Increase in Operational and Employment Funding. Download
  3. Live and Local Radio Expansion Program. Download
  4. Strengthening of First Nations News Services. Download
  5. Expanding Training and Career Pathway Programs. Download
  6. Upgrading Infrastructure and Digital Networks. Download
  7. Recognising First Nations Broadcasters as the Preferred Channel for Government Messaging. Download
  8. Preserving First Nations Media Archives. Download
  9. Establishing an Annual Content Production Fund. Download


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