Development Awards

Applications for Development Awards are open to Ordinary and Associate Members of First Nations Media Australia. They are for activities carried out in the last 12 months.

Judging process: Each nomination will be assessed by a group of 3-4 industry peers who will provide a score out of 10 against each criteria question. Scores will be added and averaged, with the award going to the highest scoring eligible nominee.

Best Training and Professional Development Award

This award recognises the planning and delivery of engaging, timely, appropriate training and professional development for media workers and staff. It can include formal and informal training and partnerships, provided the role of the nominating organisation is clearly outlined. It can also include professional development of a trainee or cadet.

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Best Digital Product Award

This Award recognises excellence in digital products, projects or tools, including website design, apps, virtual or augmented reality, games, and interactive learning resources. It can also apply to innovative technical solutions in broadcasting, media and communications delivery. Organisations are invited to outline a digital product or project and its effectiveness in addressing an identified need.

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Organisational Excellence Award

This Award recognises best practice in governance, leadership and organisational development. Organisations are invited to outline activities in the last year relating to governance development and training, leadership, strategic planning, community consultation and engagement, business development, fundraising or other activities that have improved organisational practices and outcomes. At least one reference from an external organisation/observer is required to validate the application and outcomes.

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