Training Pathways

IRCA is keen to work with funding bodies, training organisations and remote ATSI AV collections organisations in the provision of training that will grow a signiifcant group of Indigenous remote workers with the skills needed to maintain archival media on country.  A number of archive job roles have been identified for the remote ATSI archive organisations. These include (not in any given order of importance):

1. Management

  • Custodianship
  • Cultural management/Cultural law
  • Collection management
  • Digital Storage management
  • ICIP Rights
  • Legal management – copyright, licensing footage
  • Staff professional development

2. Digitisation

  • Preparation for digitisation
  • Scanning
  • Quality control

3. Digital reproduction

  • Reversioning
  • Adding titles, credits

4. Documenting the collection

  • Metadata allocation to media objects
  • Database entry into cataloguing and access systems

5. Providing access      

  1. Making DVD copies
  2. Providing copies on community access computer based platforms
  3. Approving and managing cultural access

6. Promoting and exhibiting

7. Research

  • Cultural research
  • Community histories research
  • Family/genealogical research

8. Accessioning (adding new materials to the collection)

  • Assessing for collection purposes, preservation state
  • Quarantining materials to ensure WHS

9. Translation and transcription

10. IT, digitisation equipment and digital storage support